Infant sleep package for babies 3.5 months to 2 years sleeping in a crib.

Infant sleep package for babies 3.5 months to 2 years sleeping in a crib.

Blissful Infant Sleep 

This package is for children who are 3.5 months-2 years of age, who sleep in a crib or who you wish to transition to sleeping in a crib. During this three week package, we'll work together to ensure your child not only learns how to fall asleep on his/her own but also sleep longer, more consolidated overnight stretches and naps.  We'll work together to finalize a plan that suits your particular child and your comfort level as a parent. Bliss Wellness and Sleep is so committed to your family..that we offer THREE weeks of support with this package so that you're confident and ready to embark on your own by the time we wrap up and your child has had adequate time to learn on his or her own learning curve and pace. 

  • Extended duration of support. Unlike other consultants who offer only a 2-week plan, at Bliss we believe that every child is different and an extra week of working together means we don't wrap up before your child's sleep challenges are resolved!

  • 3 follow up phone calls (20-minutes) over the first week to your child's sleep plan to ensure you receive enough support and encouragement through the most challenging days of making changes to your child's sleep process.

  • Daily online sleep log analysis. By reviewing your child's sleep patterns and challenges on a daily basis, I'll be providing you with the best timely and relevant advice possible to help you learn how to parent to YOUR child's sleep!

  • The BLISSFUL SLEEPER e-book covering topics to help your family maintain the success you've achieved as your child continues to grow and change. Transitions such as daylights savings time, nap changes and travel are include, and more!

Here's what's included: 

  • Review of a detailed intake document to ensure I fully understand how to best support your family.

  • 2-hour consultation to educate your family on your child's sleep needs and the necessary changes and to work together on ensuring the plan is the right fit for your family. We'll cover topics such as sleep environment, awake windows, naps, night wakings, bedtime routines, feeding patterns, sickness and teething and anything else troubling your child's sleep.

  • Written Sleep Plan to ensure that you have notes to refer to whenever your sleepy mind needs them.

  • Unlimited email support through the entire 3-week journey. It's important we keep in touch whenever you have questions and need support.

Booking with Tara Virtual: $475 In-home: $550

Booking with Michelle Virtual: $525 In-home: $600


Most babies in this age range as sleeping through the night and enjoying a BLISSFUL 90% improvement in their overall sleep within the first 1-2 weeks.