Blissful Newborn Sleep

Bliss Wellness & Sleep is proud to offer newborn sleep packages starting at 10 weeks of age.  Our approach with these wee babies is gentle as we work to educate parents on how to facilitate improved sleep habits from an early age. The package is structured for a steady progression to better and better sleep and is far from an overnight fix...although many families see results very quickly!  We work at your baby's pace to avoid habits forming that could prevent sleep from improving as baby grows older. This package is perfect for the parent who wants to get started at a young age and get sleep off to a great start early.  After all, newborns need more sleep than infants do... let's set your baby up for success from the start!  Click for details.

Blissful Infant & Toddler Sleep

This package is for children who are 4 months to 2 years of age, who sleep in a crib or who you wish to transition to sleeping in a crib. During this three week package, we will work together to ensure your child not only learns how to fall asleep on his/her own but also sleep longer, more consolidated overnight stretches and naps.  We'll work together to develop a plan that suits your particular child and your comfort level as a parent. Bliss Wellness and Sleep is so committed to your family..that we offer THREE weeks of support with this package so that you are confident and ready to embark on your own by the time we wrap up and your child has had adequate time to learn on his or her own learning curve and pace. Click for details.

Preschoolers and School-aged Sleep

This package is for preschoolers and school-aged children who are no longer sleeping in a crib. Older children need their sleep more than ever! Their brains are still growing and they are learning at such a rapid rate!  Not to mention the need for a strong immune system with all of those daycare germs! It may feel hopeless by now but it’s not too late! BLISSFUL sleep is right around the corner for your child with a plan that is tailored to encourage and support YOUR unique child as they make changes and learn new sleep routines and boundaries.  Your child will be so proud when they sleep through the night and wake up super rested and happy!  And you’ll have the energy to keep up with your demanding family! Click here for details.

Can’t quite find what you’re looking for? Bliss Wellness & Sleep is always willing to discuss if a customized package might be the best fit for your family. We offer discounted sibling and twin rates and are open to payment plans for families who are struggling with the financial burden of hiring a sleep coach. Schedule your free 20-minute sleep evaluation to discuss further. Group coaching and sleep seminars available on request.