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Sleep Bliss

From tiny to school-age; sleep solutions for every age and stage. Don't just "sleep train" your child... with my help we'll TEACH your child the life long skill of blissful sleep! I'm committed to an elevated level of support for my families and you'll love the results! 


Sleeping Beauties

Every child can learn to sleep.  It's my mission to help families develop a plan to teach their little one to enjoy blissful sleep!  It may feel impossible now, but with the right support, you and your child can embrace nights of restorative sleep and restful naps by day! 


What families are saying...


"Michelle gave us the confidence to successfully teach our daughter the skill of sleep. Within just a few nights our little girl was sleeping on her own through the night! She now falls asleep on her own in her crib, takes amazing naps, and sleeps through the night! This has been the best decision we have made so far for our family. Our daughter is getting the sleep she needs, and my husband and I have been able to re-connect. We recommend Michelle to all of our friends now!" - J.P. & D.H.


"He used to be very grouchy and whiny almost every morning. Now, when the green light in his room turns on, he comes finds us and he is full of energy. THANK YOU, MICHELLE! So, for any parent in the same boat, who finds themselves with a preschooler or older who they would like to encourage to sleep independently, Michelle is a great resource to consider. It will be worth every penny. Thank you again, Michelle." -Kristin


"Michelle has changed our lives completely. We are all so much happier. Our daughter now takes both her naps as well as continues to sleep through the night. She is eating better, she is even more outgoing and happier than before. I am so proud of her and love that I now get a chance to miss her while she's sleeping:) I would without a doubt recommend Michelle to ANYBODY out there struggling with their babies sleep habits. I cannot say this enough but she has changed our lives so greatly. It's unbelievable, she truly is a miracle worker and you can tell she is wholeheartedly invested in the success and well-being of our family. -Sara, mom to 9m old baby Liv




Sometimes we are so busy being super-mom raising our babies and young children, that we don't find the time to care of ourselves.  Overtime, we become depleted and zapped of the essential energy that we need to be the parent that we always wanted to be.  I'm here to help you find the blissfully happy mom in you that you want to be! 


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Mama Detox

Do you feel ready for a body reset?  If you've been eating a less than ideal diet or are looking to explore food intolerance, then this nutritional cleanse is the answer to getting back on track!  Join me for a 2-week cleanse program where you'll detoxify your body and find a new level of wellness for yourself! 


The 60-minute coaching call will allow you to uncover what's been stopping you; slowing you down; or keeping you from finding the healthy body --and mind--you want!  And to develop a powerful vision of what finding your joy and health will do for you as a busy parent

Modern Mama's Total Transformation : The 90-Day Intensive

This intensive 90-day coaching program is life changing! Learn how to find happiness, joy and health designed for YOUR body!  Whether you need to gain energy or lose weight, this customized program will allow you not only to reach your goals but to exceed your own expectations! 


Life Coaching

Services to be announced in January 2018. 

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Coming soon - Check back in early 2018 for details