Our Mission

We are a team of mothers who know just how hard it is to be sleep deprived. We all know what it is like to be desperate to help your baby and yet feel disempowered and lost. We know what it is like to dread bedtime and long for naps. We know the feeling of rocking and feeding baby to sleep for hours only to have baby wake up the minute you lay her down. We will always remember what it is like to be afraid to even make a change for fear that you will make the wrong one. It is with all of our shared knowledge that we aim to help your family make your journey to sleep as easy and as supportive as possible. We will be your cheerleader, your accountability, your sounding board, your voice of reason and most importantly we will be your team. We are as committed to success for your family as you are.

What if I fall? Oh, but my darling , what if you FLY?
— Author Erin Hanson

Bliss Team Highlights

  • The Bliss team are parents too! In total, we have 8 children- 4 boys and 4 girls!

  • Our coaches not only know sleep but they hold other credentials with some coaches with nursing and teaching degrees!

  • Each coach joined the team because they learned first hand the difference a coach can make when they too hired a sleep coach as exhausted new parents!

  • We are a small Ontario based business and growing thanks to the success and support of the families we work with.

  • All coaches have trained and mentored with Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist, Michelle McAvoy and share the same sleep philosophies and methods including the unique Bliss newborn program.

  • By working as a team, we raise each other up which enables us all to provide the best results possible for our families.

  • Our team approach allows us to work with families face-to-face in several Ontario communities and virtually around the world!

Bliss Wellness & Sleep was founded on a guiding principle that with support we can achieve our goals.

  • Every child can learn to sleep.  It's our mission to help families develop a plan to teach their little ones to enjoy blissful sleep!  It may feel impossible now, but with the right support, you and your child can embrace nights of restorative sleep and restful age-appropriate naps by day!

  • We won’t say that it will be “easy” but we will tell you that it will work and parents are always telling us it was way easier than it was on their own!

  • We are dedicated coaches that will work as hard as you do to ensure that you’re well supported and set up for success!

  • Every family is different. We embrace a flexible approach to teaching your child to sleep.

  • We will never ask you to leave your baby alone to cry.


Schedule your FREE (no pressure) 20-minute sleep evaluation and learn why your baby won’t sleep! That would be helpful, right? We will take the time to explain what is holding your child back and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.