Wellness isn't about just food or just exercise. It's about so much more.  Sure, we all know the basics of better eating and the need to move but so many people focus on a cycle of healthy eating and exercise and then binge eat when they feel deprived of food they enjoy or sick of the gym.  Bliss Wellness & Sleep Packages are about finding more happiness, more joy, more sleep, more health and a more vibrant life! If you're ready to make changes and become the best role model for your child that you can be...we're here for you!


2-Week Blissful Mama Reset Cleanse

This two week cleanse is a wonderful way for mamas to kick a bad eating habit or explore how food may be contributing to unwelcome symptoms such as fatigue, headaches or stomach aches.  Great for anyone looking to find a healthy way to reset their eating habits and learn to eat intuitively by following their gut! A jump start into blissfully healthy eating! 


The Modern Mom's Strategy Session: Finding your Joy & Health as a Busy Parent

Feeling depleted?  Overwhelmed with stress?  Struggling to lose weight?  This 60-minute coaching call is designed to help you uncover what's been stopping you; slowing your down; or preventing you from living a healthy life full of bliss!  Learn how you could elevate your life as a Mama! 


This unique program will allow to transform your entire life and find the healthiest and mostly blissfully happy and energetic version of YOU possible, so that you can be the mama you dream to be!  For Mama's that are ready to lose weight or find energy and to create balance, joy and well...bliss in their every day life...this program is IT!