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Meet the Bliss Wellness & Sleep Team! 


Michelle McAvoy- Bliss Wellness & Sleep Team

Michelle McAvoy- Owner, Pediatric Sleep Specialist

Michelle is the owner of Bliss Wellness & Sleep and past owner of Lovebugs Sleep Coaching.  Michelle is a mom of two amazing daughters, Jorja and Audrey and wife to Steve. She is a Certified Sleep Coach and has also trained and certified as a Health Coach with a speciality in habit change.

In 2011, Michelle found herself an exhausted parent to an even more exhausted 5.5 month-old Jorja and desperate to find answers!   This led to hiring one of Canada's leading sleep experts and the first introduction into the science of sleep!  A passion was born and in 2014, as a new mom to Audrey, Michelle turned that passion into a business and completed an intensive sleep training program with a world renowned sleep expert and has never looked back!  

In 2017, Michelle completed her health coach designation and expanded the business to include health coaching to empower parents to find personal wellness in thier parenting journey.  With a believe that sleep is only one part of the puzzle, Michelle loves coaching parents to find their best momlife!

With the overwhelming success of the company, Michelle was ecstatic to invite Tara Cronkwight to join the sleep team.  Having worked with Tara as a client, Michelle knew that Tara's calm and supportive demeanour, positive attitude and passion for sleep would make her the perfect fit!  Bliss clients now benefit from our combined skills and knowledge and an even great geography for in-home consultations.  

Michelle works with families world-wide through virtual consultations and in-home for families residing within the Greater Ottawa/Gatineau areas. 



Tara Cronkwright- Bliss Wellness & Sleep Team

Tara Cronkwright- Bliss Wellness & Sleep Team

Tara CronkwrighT- Pediatric Sleep COach

Tara is an elementary school teacher with a degree in Sociology.  She is the proud mom to two fun-loving girls, Charlotte and Stella, and is the newest member of Michelle’s team at Bliss.

Tara developed a passion for healthy sleep habits when she and her husband hired Michelle after the birth of their second daughter and was struggling in the sleep deprived trenches. After working with Michelle, she learned the fundamentals of creating a healthy sleep foundation and was equipped with the tools and knowledge to help her daughter sleep. She uses these tools today, as well as the information she has learned through training with Michelle and by constantly expanding her knowledge on the topic of sleep. The concept of helping families achieve the amazing sleep that she has experienced with her young daughters first hand is the driving force behind pursuing this passion. As a trained educator and life-long learner, this role was the perfect fit.

Tara truly loves working with families and applying her education and first-hand experience as a mom to give the gift of sleep to others who are seeking it.

Tara works with families world-wide through virtual consultations and in-home for families within  Brantford and Brant County (Mt. Pleasant, Paris, Burford, St. George, Oakland/Scotland) areas of Ontario.