The Village

It is our belief that raising a family takes a village.  We are all richer when we share our experiences, triumphs and our challenges. Here I'll share with you some of my favourite service providers in the community that I know share these values of making our lives a little bit more joyful through sharing their own gifts, talents and passions.

Mommy Connections Sleep Coaching consultant infant baby toddler newborn expert

Mommy Connections, Ottawa & Area

Alex and Erin run quality programs for moms throughout the greater Ottawa area.  Their programs are aimed at creating connections within the community which they are both very passionate about.  Providing education and social time in the perfect balance.  Bliss Wellness & Sleep is proud to present as the sleep educator for Mommy Connections, Ottawa. 

Olga's Way

 Olga connects people with tools to deal with stress and anxiety, digging deep and asking important questions to find a way to ongoing inner peace. From Yoga, to private counselling to reiki and meditation, Olga has so much to offer. 

Susan Nolan, Birthcare

As an RN and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Susan is well known in Ottawa for providing exemplary care to to the families she supports.  If you feel that you would benefit from some breastfeeding support, consider calling Susan and allow her to help make the parenting journey a bit less stressful.