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Not Cry-it Out and Not "Sleep Training"

The sleep world uses SO many confusing terms.  How do we define "drowsy but awake", anyways?  What is gentle? and is "no-cry" even achievable? (hint: no, not literally, at least). And how much crying is acceptable?  When is it considered cry-it-out? Can I still breastfeed and "sleep train"? Can I still share a room and "sleep train"? 

Look, I know.  It's CRAZY just how many sleep resources and experts contradict themselves and how confusing the language we use is.  I'm personally on a one woman mission to change that!  I want all of my clients to STOP SAYING SLEEP TRAINING!  Do we really train our babies never to cry again and to submit to sleep and always know how to sleep now that they are "trained"?  NO!  Not at all!  I  can tell you that babies who want to sleep and know how...SLEEP! And babies who are loved by day and nurtured, and have a need at night...they still call for a parent!  But babies who know how to sleep and who are tired ... they choose to sleep!  Nothing trained about that!  Instead think of it this way, if you never let your baby onto the ground to learn to crawl...would your baby crawl? I suspect not!  We all need to practice new skills and TEACHING our babies and young children is my goal.  And even more so, teaching YOU how to parent around sleep and manage the balance in your life to foster great sleep habits as your child grows and changes.  

I won't ask your child to cry-it-out (but there may be some protest and tears involved) and I'm always happy to write a plan that doesn't even leave a child alone when they are learning new skills!  We can respond to your child's needs and offer care and love and comforting.  But, we have to teach them a new skill, and that isn't always easy. But, like any education- always worth it.  

So, if you're ready to learn more and my words are resonating with me! Let's talk about how I can help you end the confusion with a customized sleep plan that helps you to weed through the ambiguity that is the sleep world with a clear plan that us specific to YOUR child's sleep challenges and custom tailored to make the process as easy as possible and supportive as possible, for you and your little one!