Newborns 10 weeks up to 3.5 months benefit from this unique newborn sleep package.

Newborns 10 weeks up to 3.5 months benefit from this unique newborn sleep package.

Blissful Newborn Sleep 

Bliss Wellness & Sleep is proud to offer newborn sleep packages starting at 10 weeks of age.  Our approach with these wee babies is gentle as we work to educate parents on how to facilitate better sleep habits right from the very beginning. The package is structured for a slow progression to better and better sleep and is far from an overnight fix...although many families see results very quickly!  We work at your baby's pace to avoid habits forming that could prevent sleep from improving as baby grows older. This package is perfect for the parent who wants to get started at a young age and get sleep off to a great start early.  After all, newborns need more sleep than infants do... let's set your baby up for success from the start! 

  • Unlimited email support through the entire journey until baby is 4 months of age. It's important we keep in touch whenever you have questions and need support.

  • Daily online sleep log analysis. By reviewing your child's sleep patterns and challenges on a daily basis, I'll be providing you with the best timely and relevant advice possible to help you learn how to parent to YOUR child's individual sleep patterns!

  • 20-minute wrap up call scheduled when baby turns 4-months of age and we're preparing to wrap up. This gives us time to address your next steps as your baby has a lot of sleep changes still to come in his/her future!

  • The BLISSFUL SLEEPER e-book covering topics to help your family maintain the success you've achieved as your child continues to grow and change. Transitions such as daylights savings time, nap changes and travel are include, and more!

Here's what's included: 

  • Review of a detailed intake document to ensure I fully understand how to best support your family.

  • 2 hours of consultation time to educate your family on your child's sleep needs and the necessary changes and to work together on ensuring the plan is the right fit for your family.

  • Custom written sleep plan to ensure that you have notes to refer to whenever your sleepy mind needs them!

  • Extended duration of support. Newborn plans cover baby from booking until turning 4 months of age.

  • 3-follow up phone calls (20-minutes) over the duration of your child's sleep plan, to ensure you receive enough support and encouragement through the most challenging days of making changes to your child's sleep process.

Booking with Tara Virtual: $475 In-home: $550

Booking with Michelle Virtual: $525 In-home: $600

Many babies on this plan are sleeping 10 hours straight (sometimes even more) by 4-months of age and taking three restorative naps by day in the crib.