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“The smallest change in perspective can transform a life. What tiny adjustment might turn your world around?”
— Oprah

Our Approach

The mission that we're always focused on at Bliss Wellness & Sleep is to empower and educate families on the topics of sleep and personal wellness, so that they can achieve the best JOY and BLISS in their family lives as possible!  

Sleep can be a contentious issue! Parents often call us worried that they are going to be asked to close the door and walk away.  They've read that "sleep training" will ruin their bond with their child forever! We get it.  The internet is FULL of scary stuff.  But with Bliss Wellness & Sleep, we look at it as TEACHING our children to sleep rather than training them!  We know we can use various proven and effective methods to fit YOUR comfort level as a parent to achieve a plan that is effective and supportive for your child.  And we know that we need support for you, too!  There's a reason that sleep coaches are so common now, with the right coach, it WORKS!  Children are so capable of sleep and we know how to help you, help your child, to make the changes they need to feel healthy, well-rested and ready to learn, grow and play!  So that you can be the rested, energetic, and fun parent you want to be for your child! So you can grow that bond with your child during the day!   

In 2017, Michelle McAvoy, founder of Bliss Wellness & Sleep, and past owner of Lovebugs Sleep Coaching, identified that sleep isn't always enough to make everyone feel happy and joyful!  And that wellness  is often something new parents neglect.  After all, do we have time for self-care?  Stress can creep in and it doesn't take long before a busy mom can start to feel like she's lost herself.  You know, that spark that you used to have?  After completing an extensive Health Coach Certification with  The Health Coach Institute,  Michelle started a new business and Bliss Wellness & Sleep was born.  Not only will families still receive the same amazing sleep consulting and coaching options, but they can also trust that they can receive the same quality coaching experience to make the lifestyle and wellness choices they need to make to find their BEST LIFE as a parent!

We hope that you'll connect with us soon, and discover how we can help you to find an elevated level of BLISS in your life as parent! Whether you live locally here in Ottawa with us, or somewhere else worldwide, we have the ability to help your family! Reach out..and discover why BLISS Wellness & Sleep stands apart in the field of sleep and wellness coaching! 

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Ottawa's premier choice for sleep consulting and wellness coaching

Michelle McAvoy, past owner of Lovebugs Sleep Coaching, has worked with hundreds of families in Ottawa and around the world.  She believes in working with a family to create a plan that will enable lasting change and lifelong sleep skills, that is also as comfortable as possible for the parents and child initiating changes.  Michelle certified with one of North America's leading sleep experts in 2014 and has worked full time as a sleep coach ever since.  As a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, Michelle practices ethically and with professional integrity in accordance with industry standards of best practices.  When you hire Michelle, you are working with a skilled coach, non-judgmental advocate and trusted resource for your family. Michelle believes that "sleep training" a child isn't necessary at all!  But we do need to teach your child how to sleep with independent, self-led strategies and educate you as a parent to continue to foster positive sleep as your child grows.