Ringing in the New Year RESTED!

Start the New Year off right.. with SLEEP!

Sleep and New Year’s Eve rarely go together for adults. But it is possible to ring in the New Year without spending the next day with an overtired and exhausted super cranky child!


  1. Respect Bedtime - Does your six month (or even 6-year old) really need to stay up late? Young children can’t tell time and they’ll have just as much fun (if not more) at 6 pm than they will trying to make through a late night party. Netflix even offers a countdown you can enjoy with your children earlier in the night Simply search "countdown" in the Netflix search bar to access the New Year's Eve specials at any desired time. You’re welcome! :)

  2. Party hard - Exercise promotes quality sleep. And children are FULL of energy! My favourite part about New Years Eve as a parent is turning on fun dance tunes and having a post-dinner dance off. Don’t fear the fun! Your children will settle just as well (if not better) than usual with fun before bed. Then enjoy thier usual bedtime routine and they’ll have a chance to wind down then.

  3. Sleepover - I get it! Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you want to miss the party! But your children need to sleep! So if you’re close enough with your friends who are hosting the annual bash ask them if you can stay the night so that you can put your children down for a full night of sleep and enjoy the party without having to worry about getting a sitter or being back at a certain time and you won’t even have to wake the kids!

  4. HOST- Think about inviting your friends and family over for an afternoon bash! Your children will have a blast and be ready for bedtime at thier usual time having partied and enjoyed the experience. Sometimes thinking outside of the box is the best way to save your sanity and accepting a new normal can be liberating!

  5. SET A PLAN to get back on track if sleep isn’t a priority on New Years Eve! Maybe you’ll go in with the best of intentions but the holidays just don’t go the way they should. If your little ones are cranky and overtired then set a plan to get back on track as soon as possible. Otherwise a week of missed bedtimes can move into two or three and the next thing you know sleep is really off track! But with a plan you’re more likely to get back on track.

And of course if sleep is never on track… call us. We work with families with children 10 weeks to 10 years of age and we’ve never found a little one that we can’t help! In as little as a few nights we could have your sleep 80% better or more even! I promise!!

Here’s to an amazing 2019 full of health, happiness and well rested families!