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Reducing stress: Find your self-love, Mama!

As a sleep coach, I talk to new moms all the time with their own mom in attendance.  And Grandma will often remark "I don't know why babies don't sleep these days.  In my day, we just put them in the crib and walked away and they slept".  Well, yes.  Right there folks- I just gave my baby space to learn and she did it on her own.  Sleep used to be, like many things about parenting, different 20+ years ago. 

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Self-Care: The Key to a Happy Parenthood Journey

Adjusting to life as a parent isn't easy.  Somehow these little people come into our lives and provide more joy and happiness than we could ever imagine but also an immense amount of stress and chaos. Learning how to cope with these changes to our lifestyle and who we are as a person is paramount to living a happy and joyful life.  Stress is so much easier to manage when we have strategies in place to allow us coping skills, rest and relaxation within our hectic days.  Here's to putting yourself first so that you are equipped to be there for everyone else to your best ability. 

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